Permits & Inspections

Business Permits

Business permits require a Texas Sales Tax Certificate and any other permits required by the state of Texas to operate.

Business Permits- $25 yearly

****If the business changes names or locations, you must apply for a new permit****

Itinerant Business Permits

An itinerant business permit is a temporary permit.

30 day permit- $50

60 day permit- $75

180 day permit-_$125

Building Permits

Building Permits require a "cost to build" and building plans.

*permit fees based on cost of build/ sq. footage 

$50 minimum


Contact City Hall for more information.

Moving Permits/ house moving permits

See attached PDF at top of page for application and guidelines.

Mobile Home Application $100

Contact City Hall for more information.

Plumbing/ Hvac/ gas/ Electrical Inspections

The City of Queen City Ordinances mandate inspection permits through the city secretary's office.

Permit fees- $60