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Please return to QC City Hall: PO Box 301, Queen City TX 75572 Or email

Economic Development



The mission of the Economic Development includes assisting growth of existing businesses and industries as well as attracting new businesses and industries into Queen City. It has the authority to approve projects that the board determines as contributing to the promotion or development of new or expanded business enterprise.

The board has adopted a set of by-laws and requirements that must be met by those requesting assistance.

Before spending 4B sales tax revenue, corporations are required to hold at least one public hearing on the proposed project that will be funded by the tax.

By law, cities may use money raised by this sales tax for a wide variety of projects including land, buildings, equipment, facilities, and related improvements

The revenue may also be used for sports facilities, entertainment, tourist, convention and public park facilities, municipal buildings, street, water and sewer facilities, and maintenance and operating costs associated with such projects.

These are some of the businesses that the Queen City EDC have assisted with either grants or low interest loans.

Brefine Homes

Queen City Funeral Home

Hummingbird Floral

The Break of Day Breakfast Shop

GoZoe Wireless

Queen City Pawn

Welborn Extreme automotive

Quality Building

Holy Smoke and Sacred Grounds Coffee Shop

Dollar General

Beako Manufacturing

Express Inn

The Shops at Queen City

Queen Land, Loans, & Grants


Queen City Revolving Loan Program Guidelines and Development for Queen City, Texas (RLF) Revolving Loan Fund The City of Queen City, Texas has established the following guidelines and procedures in regards to the (RLF) Revolving Loan Fund for the purpose of expanding economic opportunity and creating employment for the city. Procedures employed by the RLF will incorporate all the conditions required by law. The City will use, for the most part, procedures established by Texas Department of Commerce/Texas Capital Fund and the Rural Economic and Community Development. The City will accept applications from businesses located, or willing to locate within the Queen City, Texas city limits. The purpose will be to create or retain employment within the City. The City will initiate and process the RLF with the assistance of a designated City consultant. This consultant will act as a proposed mediator and contact between the City and the applicant. The amount of loans made will be governed by need of the business and availability of funds. As a general rule, the amount of RLF funds will not exceed 50% of the cost of the project. The applicant/business will be required to obtain 40% from commercial leaders (which would be given first lien position on all loans, regardless of security provided; including real estate and commercial property) and provide 10% in cash and/or equity in the project. The specific limitations to the types of businesses accepted for the RLF are as follows: 1. The business must be located within the city limits of the City, 2. The business cannot be agricultural in nature, 3. The business cannot be similar in nature to another RLF funded business (this type of lending would be considered "conflicting interest" to the City and the affected competing business), 4. The business must operate within the laws of the State of Texas, and 5. The minimum loan amount funded by the RLF is $10,000. The final selection of a business for the RLF will be made by the Economic Development Council of the City. The Economic Development Council of the City, reserves the right to determine if the business is feasible, in the best interest of the city, and of an appropriate nature that would be conductive to economic growth for the City. interest


Commercial Land Available for Sale

22- acres on U. S. Highway 59.  Land is located between the two signal lights on the highway. Idea location for retail business.  Land is owned by the Queen City Economic Development Corporation. Can be sold as a whole or can be divided. Grant, low-interest loan, tax incentives available for qualifying businesses. Contact Becky Collom, 214-642-9970 for more information.


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Call the EDC Amanda Wiley at 903-796-7986 ex. 4 for more information.

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